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Homemade Water Pump

Date : Monday,14 August 2017
Writer : Ataya P

For my smart farming project, I need to make a water pump that can be control on/off with my microcontroller. Let's see what I have done.


The first model, I just learned to do it from the internet. Using bottle cap, plastic straws and motor. It works very simple by pumping water from inside the bottle with motor turbine and send the water through other side. Anyway, after a while of using it the water was leaking everywhere. So, I have to design the new model that working better that this.

For model 2 , I've looked back in what my ancestor had before the fancy modern time. I found the water wheel that works really simple. For my design I'm using soda can, plastic straw and motor to made it. It's system is only scoop water up to the middle point of the wheel and pour it into the open plastic straw to watering the plant at the other end.
That is for today. Hope my design could helping you :D

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