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Mini Smart Farm Project

Date : Thursday,2 November 2017
Writer : Ataya P

Finally my Mini Smart Farm project is completed. I'm using material that can be find locally; Such as Soda-pop can, Ice-cream stick, Plastic bag and instant food box. Let's see how I can do it ...

1. Arduino UNO board
2. FAY Mini-Character LCD Shield
3. Solar Charger Kit for Android
4. 20 Volt generate Solar Cell
5. LM61CIZ Temperature Sensor
6. DC Motor
7. mini DC Fan

1. This is the system design diagram.
System design diagram

The Solar cell is generate electric power to powered the system. Basically ,The Arduino board is reading temperature and humidity sensor's value and estimate the situation, If soil is dried or temperature is higher than fixing value in the program then it will watering veggie by turn on the motor turbine and also cool down veggie with mini DC fan at the same time

2. Take a look how I read soil's humidity value using only metal clips ->
Easy Humidity Sensor

3. Download Arduino sourcecode Here

Mini Smart Farm

That is !! Hope my project can be useful for you :D

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