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Grass Cutter Robot : On Field Test

Date : Saturday,10 November 2018
Writer : Ataya P

Final version of my grass cutter robot was done !! Now it can cutting grass with the sharp blades. Let'see ...

1. Final look of the robot
Robot design

2. I have added safety switch. Just for sure it does not cut anyone fingers
Robot design

3. With Big front wheel, It can go through any rough surface
Robot design

4. Because cutter motor doesn't go fast enough to cut the grass if I using only cutting wire. So, I decided to using sharp knife's blades instead. It works anyway !!
Robot design

5. Finally, This is it cutting grass on the field video. Look carefully, you can see some cutting grass actions. Have fun :)

*** Be careful, When you send a command to rotate motor but the motor doesn't rotate for some reasons. This will make motor driver chip becomes overheat and may be causing damage to the chip. So, If the motor doesn't rotate as you wish , send stop command first and check what was wrong.

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