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Lemongrass-Studio at Chiangmai Maker Party 2019

Date : Monday,9 December 2019
Writer : Ataya P

Hello there !! I just went to Chiangmai Maker Party 2019 on 7-8 December. I have showed my own homemade floor cleaner robot there. People who interesting in technology and maker culture have participated in this event. Let see the photos ...

Chiangmai Maker Party 2019

For our booth, I had a show about my little floor cleaner robot, Code name : LAZY WIFE 02 and some stuff from the project.
Automatic Floor Cleaner Robot
robot on the floor
some stuffs

There were the other booths ...

sound show
robot for kids
Big dev kit
Custom Keyboard
Dev boards for developer
Look like some CMC kit
Teddy Animatronic
Art workshop

And the highlight of the event, AI Racing. They're using camera to detect objects to turn or avoid crashing things. The fasted team was the winner. Enjoy the video and see you next time :D

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