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Lemongrass-Studio at Maker Faire Bangkok 2020

Date : Tuesday,21 January 2020
Writer : Ataya P

Hi There !! I just showing my own homemade automatic floor cleaner robot at Maker Faire Bangkok 2020. Let's see the photos ...

Maker Faire Bangkok 2020

For our booth, I had a show about my little floor cleaner robot, Code name : LAZY WIFE 02 and some stuff from the project.
Automatic Floor Cleaner Robot

There were the other booths ...

Maker Bot and the Giant
Robot on Sale
Homemade Doraemon
Weird Helmet
Maker Faire at Night

And this is the hilight video that I took when I have time. Anyway, This may be my last time for getting booth on Maker Faire Bangkok because of my personal health problem. I can't stand for PM2.5 all two days long. So, Just Let you know ...

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