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How To Use Serial Plotter In Arduino IDE

Date : Tuesday,5 September 2023
Writer : Ataya P

REPOST: I just found the way to use Serial Plotter function in Arduino IDE to plotting the graph of your sensing values. Let's see ...

1. First, Open Arduino IDE and make new sketch. Write down the code to send 2 values of sensor to serial terminal (I using Arduino IDE version 1.8.5)
Train Simulator

2. The important part of the code will be like this ...

//Ploting graph on Arduino IDE serial plotter
Serial.print("Humid: ");
Serial.print(" ");
Serial.print("Temp: ");
Serial.print(" ");

3. Compile and upload the code to your Arduino Board. When you open the Tools -> Serial Monitor , you will see the values of sensors just like this ...

Serial Terminal

4. Then open Tool -> Serial Plotter you will see the graph as shown below ...
Serial Plotter

5. See the working of using Serial Plotter in Arduio IDE video here ->

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